More Adventures in C++

A few of the designs I’ve been working on are nearing a workable Beta.  Soon I’ll figure out a way to host them and link to this site.  All of the code will be under the MIT license.  The code is in C++, and is written to be as portable as possible.  Look for it in the next couple of weeks.

There was a bit of a learning curve in getting used to the language (C++) and its programming model.  One day it clicked for me, while I was reading the ‘Template Metaprogramming’ book.  The code I write isn’t templated to a large degree, but I’d like to start heading more in that direction for the sake of flexibility.

I write fairly simple, small tools, not giant software projects.  Eventually I may include simple GUIs for my work, but for now it’s all CLI.  Software design is legal hell right now, and it shows no signs of becoming any safer.  Copyright and patent trolling is rampant.  What better way to completely squelch innovation?



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